It's Snowing... Again...

I LOVE the snow any time between November and January. My boys and I can be out there for hours sledding, making snow-angels and -men, and just having a great time. But come February it starts to get really old. Well, it's March 7 and we got 2 inches of snow this morning on top of what we got yesterday. My husband came home after a long day at work and the first words out of my mouth were: "Take them before I eat them." (The old adage about spiders eating their young kept rattling around in my mind.) The kids are starting to get cabin fever and I'm starting to pull my hair out.

It is days like today that I appreciate our local park system. Right now the indoor Nature Center has an exhibit with plants and animals that live in the Smokey Mountain National Park. It is $1 to get in which certainly doesn’t break the bank and the kids just love it. We try to find something like this to go to once a week. Sometimes it's as simple as lunch at Burger King and then an hour in the play area. My 4 year-old always makes at least 3 new friends this way.

The other place we really enjoy going to on cold, house-bound days is our library. There is a children's play area with all sorts of developmental toys. My boys could spend hours there. First thing we do is I find a book of my own so that I can sit and read while they play. They make all sorts of new friends while buildling with blocks. Occasionally, I even chat with another mom or dad.

Getting out and finding new things to do is a great way to get to know an area! It can help you and your children make new friends and feel more comfortable in new surroundings. What do you do to combat 'cabin fever' or get over the 'just-moved-in jitters'? How do you find out about what is going on in your community?


  1. I love going to our local zoo, which has an indoor area too. We invest in a membership so that it is free anytime we want to go. It is a great way to feel part of the community.

  2. Our snowy days just keep coming! We have a great hill in front of our house.. and everyone is a kid zooming down the slope. It's the walk back up that get the kids close to Mom... but they know I won't carry them everytime! THis is followed by hot chocolate and 3 marshmallows. SO, we try not to make this close to bed time! Ha ha ha

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