Have you visited a business lately that just made you feel good?

One of the hardest parts about PCSing is getting acquainted with the new area and everything that it has to offer. That is something that aims to help with. If you get to know your community you will feel settled before orders come again. Here is a great opportunity to give a ‘shout out’ for a local-business that gives exemplary service. What did they do that made them stand-out? What installation are they near?

Think of it as a recommendation to a friend. Someone might be moving into your area looking for a ______ (you can fill in the blank) and you can give them a recommendation.

Take a look; is your favorite local-shop on Let them know they can advertise on the site for free if they give a military discount. Spread the word! We are here to make settling in easier.

Here is my nomination:
Near the Cleveland Coast Guard Unit is a store “Super Suppers” ( My husband and I had a ‘date night’ there a bit ago. We went in made enough meals for a few weeks that we could then pack in our freezer. You can get the gist of their service on their site. On our date-night the owner was there helping out all the couples get their meals prepared. He was so hospitable. Even after we were done and our meals were all packed up and ready to bring home he talked with us for over half-an-hour. It was just a wonderful evening with my husband, and the owner, Jim, made the night. He set the mood, played the music and just made for a great time away for my husband and me to be a couple. That store comes up again and again amongst different ladies groups and I always have good words to tell them!byLeanneonMonday, March 12, 2007Military Life:,,,

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