A quick 6 hour drive

I had the pleasure of visiting my parents this weekend with my three sons. It was a ‘quick six hour drive’ but well worth the time to spend with my family. My brothers, their wives and my nephew all drove in and we had a wonderful weekend. They all live in the same area – within 45 minutes of each other and when I come out they always make a special point to visit. How blessed I am.

I remember it being the same way when I was a child. We would go up to see my grandparents in Indiana, coming as far away as Florida or Nevada or as close as ‘a quick 6 hour drive’ from Scott AFB in southern Illinois. Then the aunts, uncles and cousins, most living in the general vicinity, would all quickly descend on my grandparent’s house. The house was suddenly filled with laughter and kids and running and sitting and chatting and just catching up. Was all this ‘fuss’ just because ‘The Dale Kissinger clan’ was in town? I don’t think that is the case but it sure was a great excuse to bring everyone together.

These are the kind of ‘family reunions’ I love. Relaxed and surrounded by those you really care for and love. What are some of your favorite memories of family reunions?


  1. One of my memories is that I had different types of stories to tell. I was always telling cousins about new friends and adventures and they had the same friends each time. I couldn't imagine not meeting new friends every two or so years.

  2. I remember the long drives to see family as well! Our "milbrats" behaved so well on those "short" cross country trips! My wife kept it interesting for them with state line gifts, car games and snacks! They were the hits of the family reunions with their travel experiences and stories. I think we did a million miles (10 cars with over 100,000 miles each) in "trips" over a 30 year career!


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