Sending out a lifeline

“Help!” Those can be hard words to say, but we all need it at one time or another. I was at a recent MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) meeting and a panel of seasoned-mothers answered our questions and gave us tips in handling day-to-day challenges, some were simple: “How do you help your four year old learn to blow his nose?” and some much more challenging, “How do you handle your emotions, sad or angry, in front of your kids?”

We want to be your “panel”. What kind of military-family tips and help are you looking for? What would like to see addressed in a future letter? Not only will we address your issues ourselves but seek out others’ advice too. That is what this is about. Community.


  1. At the other end of the lifeline... we had my husband's folks come for a visit. The visit turned into a stay, and the stay turned into months. Health problems can occur for anyone who is on vacation, and they did. Humor, patience, hugs, and love are really great life rafts to grab onto.


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