Making Something Old New Again…

Today I inherited my in-law’s living room furniture, specifically a sofa and love seat. I was very excited at the possibilities that lie ahead of me. First thing I did was trek off to Target to purchase some slip-covers. I was going to have brand spanking new furniture this way! Why would I invest in brand new furniture when I can put slip-covers on them for pennies on the dollar? I found the color and style I wanted and brought them home. Little did I know I was going to making this same trip a couple times today.

You know I put the covers on – and it looked like I had thrown a sack over the couch. I tucked, I tightened, I fluffed, I stuck extra pillows under the cover, I tried everything to make it work. I headed back to the store and bought another style. I spent my Saturday on this project and when all was said and done I didn’t know what was worse, the original worn-blue plaid couch or the unkempt and disheveled look of a slip cover. (Then I couldn’t imagine what the slip covers would look like after my two youngest sat on those couches!)

So the slip-covers are all going back to the store tomorrow (after I figure out how to get them back into the packaging! That in itself is going to take some creativity.) My parents didn’t buy nice furniture till he retired from the Air Force. I guess that was pretty smart – but I don’t want to wait till I’m 50. (I tend to be rather impatient.) If you have any good tips on sprucing up faded, worn or nicked furniture – albeit couches, tables, chairs, dressers, you name it – I’d love to hear it! We all know that furniture takes quite a beating in a PCS so I’m sure somebody out there has found some pretty good tricks to quick repairs and patches.

There is something fun about making a house a home & I haven’t given up on these couches yet!byLeanneonSaturday, March 10, 2007Military Life:,,,

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