What did we do before the slow-cooker?

This afternoon while I put together lunch for my toddler & preschooler I started “cooking” dinner, meaning throwing together food in the slow cooker. Tonight it is lasagna. So now I can go through the rest of my afternoon not having to give dinner a second thought. You have no idea what peace of mind that brings me! In fact, I can’t imagine that I will have a bad afternoon having that off of my chest.

The hardest hour in this house is from about 3:30pm to 5:00pm. (Sadly it’s more then an hour.) I don’t know why but if there is going to be a breakdown (by myself or my boys) that is when it will happen. What tends to escalate that breakdown is deciding what to eat and then getting it done. After all it is very hard to hold a crying toddler, put the preschooler in time out, and not burn the casserole all at the same time. My husband works pretty late, usually pulling in right as we sit down to eat so I can’t even say ‘Go find your father’ while I cook.
But tonight dinner will be ready. And if the boys get hungry before Dad gets home … they can eat without waiting. Then I can actually have a dinner for two while the boys entertain themselves. (Why is it that they can entertain themselves after dinner and not before?)

What have you found to be a lifesaver around dinner time? (I simply can’t rely on the slow-cook every night.) Is it what you decide to eat? (After all cereal for dinner once in awhile isn’t bad, right?) The music you put on? Or sending the kids outside for some peace and quiet?byLeanneonWednesday, March 21, 2007Military Life:,,,

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