How do you keep in touch?

I’m a huge fan of flickr.com. With two young sons and a teenager in our house life is constantly on the move. Their doting grandparents are hundreds of miles away. Their fun-loving aunts and uncles are no where close to us. Then there are my friends spread out all over the world from my military-brat days who love to keep in touch.

So I take pictures as often as I can think of it; upload them on flickr & others can view my family's candid photo shoots at their leisure. My mom feels like she was here as she browses through pictures of her grandchildren. Friends feel like they know my children, whom they have never met. And I feel that I have entwined our lives with those I love so many miles apart.

There are a lot of challenges being in the military and one of the big ones is being away from family & childhood friends. What have you found to be the best way to stay in touch?


  1. I love posting my pictures on line. This is the best way to share with my Dad who lives at the other end of our time zone, and cannot travel.

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