The Beauty of Routine

Oh How I love Fall! There is a chill in the air, the leaves are starting to change and school is back in session! I dropped my 4-year old off at preschool for his first day last week. Oh how we were both so excited. Not because I was glad to say good-bye but because I was, and remain, ready for some routine! The boys know what is expected of their day and its no longer my time-line that tells them what needs to happen next. The lazy-days of summer sure are nice but by this time of year we are ready to move and groove.

With autumn comes soccer games, MOPS meetings (Mothers of Preschoolers), school days, and no longer am I my children's complete social-planner. There is even enough of a chill in the air to get to put away my shorts. (We can do that in Ohio ... Florida and Iceland were different stories completely.)

With autumn comes set bed-times (ok, so we were a little lax in the summer), homework time for our 8th grader, practice schedules from the coaches, and playgroups every week. I can throw open our windows and not worry about being too hot. I can snuggle under blankets at night and thank God my husband is right beside me (for now, sigh).

Its hard to say good-bye to vacations and sleeping in. (Although it is easy to say good-bye to mowing the lawn!) It is hard to look forward to being snowed in the house in the months to come & all the bundling it takes to go out. But for right now I am living for this next month!


  1. Yes, routines are great, and yes, sending the young ones off to school frees up some time... but I also see it from the Grandma role. I hear about them going off to school and learning something so exciting, that I can call (long distance - hooray for cell phones) and I can get a response from my little one. Sometimes it is a new song, a jingle or poem. I hear the wonders of the grass hopper that held up the line going down the slide and the glory of feeding a hamster.
    Yes routines bring on smiles, memories and longings to be back to long ago!

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