Date Night

Last night was ‘date night’ with my husband, Paul. Usually we do something extravagant … like dinner at a favorite restaurant. There is nothing like a glass of wine, food and sitting through a meal without having to keep my eyes and thoughts on the kids the whole time. Despite our almost seven years of marriage at a night out to eat Paul and I can sit and talk like we had been dating for just a couple months. Life is good!

Last night was a different type of date-night though: We put the kids to bed and then snuggled on the couch and watched a DVD that we got for Christmas, Bourne Supremacy. Somewhat boring you might say… but it was so relaxing and what else can you ask of for a date-night?

I don’t like to take these moments for granted. It would have been just as easy to put the kids to bed and both of us sit back at our computers – in two separate rooms. (It happens more often then it should.) Paul’s work is piling up and I can always find something to do. But instead we took the time to be a couple, in front of the living room TV, snuggled under a blanket. All we needed was popcorn but we were both too tired to make it. 🙂 It was a nice change in routine and a fantastic ‘date night’.

What do you do for your “date nights”? Do you take the time to be a couple with your spouse? I’d love to hear your tips and ideas!

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