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Last night was 'date night' with my husband, Paul. Usually we do something extravagant ... like dinner at a favorite restaurant. There is nothing like a glass of wine, food and sitting through a meal without having to keep my eyes and thoughts on the kids the whole time. Despite our almost seven years of marriage at a night out to eat Paul and I can sit and talk like we had been dating for just a couple months. Life is good!

Last night was a different type of date-night though: We put the kids to bed and then snuggled on the couch and watched a DVD that we got for Christmas, Bourne Supremacy. Somewhat boring you might say... but it was so relaxing and what else can you ask of for a date-night?

I don't like to take these moments for granted. It would have been just as easy to put the kids to bed and both of us sit back at our computers - in two separate rooms. (It happens more often then it should.) Paul's work is piling up and I can always find something to do. But instead we took the time to be a couple, in front of the living room TV, snuggled under a blanket. All we needed was popcorn but we were both too tired to make it. :) It was a nice change in routine and a fantastic 'date night'.

What do you do for your "date nights"? Do you take the time to be a couple with your spouse? I'd love to hear your tips and ideas!

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  1. I wish we did have a date night. However, between work ( the military), school for both of us and our toddler we really don't have time. Our time alone is about an hour before we go to bed we sit down and watch t.v. together, or a grown-up ( not adult), or drink coffee and in case hot chocolate and talk about anything that pops in our heads. I think this is what keeps us sane and helps our relationship.


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