Great Tastes

I have a bookcase of cookbooks and cooking magazines! It started as a shelf… then spilled into two and on and on. As we moved around the country and world, I wanted some of the local flavor to be part of our everyday life. So the collection began innocently.

I can remember going to a county fair in Utah (Hill AFB) with Dale. We saw the food stands and there were tacos. (Didn’t have them in NYC area where I grew up.) We ordered 2 tacos – pronounced take-ohs. Oh yeah, we were newbies to the area! As we took our first bites – meat, cheese and lettuce took flight all over, I recognized the idea of local flavor and had to capture the phenomenon.

My Fort Rucker OWC cookbook is so worn, stained and earmarked that I have to tenderly pull it from the case. It has the very best meat marinade. I have the page from a Howard/KobbeOWC magazine for banana and peanut salad – a very Panamanian flavor.
There are some recipes that I look at and wonder… why? Iceland had some nasty ways of preparing preserved fish. I think they are reserved for a truth or dare party!
I would like to share some of these great tastes.

Do you have a local treat? Send us your recipe and connect it to your installation.
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