Here is to the new year!

Welcome 2008!

This year brings many changes with it for my household of five. In 2008 my youngest will start preschool, my middle child will start kindergarten and my oldest high school. All of this while my husband is on his first deployment. That is the change I look least forward to.

So what is my new years resolution this year? To remain positive! However, I don't want to be positive just on the outside but on the inside too. Here are some simple ideas to start with and I can't wait for the list to grow:
  1. Enjoy the moments with my husband while he is home
  2. Plan a family vacation this early spring: nothing fancy, nothing expensive, just the opportunity to get out and enjoy our family.
  3. Get to church each week. What a weekly recharge this brings, even when it is just me getting the boys up and out the door, in the end it is well worth it.
  4. Start thinking about what I can do for my husband while he is gone. What kind of care packages will he want? How can I still show him how much I love him when he is half way across the world?
  5. Meet the spouses in his group. We are all geographically seperated, since my husband is National Guard but I know that we will need each other's support through our seperation.

That's just a short list to start the year off with. How else do you stay positive? I would love to know & hear from you!

Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com


  1. Excellent view of life! Being positive is healthy... it helps when there are others around you to encourage, share and motivate on days when it is just a bit harder than is should be to feel positive.
    Here is to 2008! I too, hope it will be great!

  2. Great blog! I'll add it onto our blog list! Have a great 2008!

    Take Care, Jessica
    Sales & Website Coordinator
    Elizabeth City Area Convention & Visitors Bureau



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