Hiking Avalanche Lake Trail in Glacier National Park

This summer we went to Montana for a niece’s wedding in Great Falls. We had a wonderful family time at the wedding and tacked on a few extra days to spend at Glacier National Park! What a great place to hike and the views were tremendous! We are so blessed with National Parks and this one was gorgeous!

Our niece had worked up in the park for a time and gave us her favorite trail to hike–Avalanche Lake; so off we went after a bit of map research. We found out that the trail was about 2.5 miles one way and of course it was above 5,000 feet (thin air country) and our niece was in her 20s when she hiked it ( that should have been a heads up for the two 50+ ers going on this one).

We carried a small backpack with lunch and water and set off at a leisurely pace but the trail was in the woods and started off right next to a beautiful waterfall with numerous photo opportunities. We had read and saw signs to be aware of the bears so we carried on a lively conversation most of the hike. Funny what you can think of to talk about when you are trying to just make “noise”! 🙂

We could not see a lot of vistas enroute due to the beautiful trees but wow when we broke out at the lake it simply took your breath away (what breath we had left from the hike!). There were nearby peaks with water falling thousands of feet from the cliffs on three sides of the lake. What a view. We sat on a log next to the lake in the open and rested and enjoyed our sandwiches and apples. Half way through lunch a female mule deer joined us for a drink from the lake and it was inspiring to see such a beautiful animal that close. Our hike down the mountain was easier than going up (except the knees which don’t like all that braking action).

What is your favorite hike in a National Park? We sure enjoyed this one but I think my favorite is Moro Rock in Sequoia National Park in California! It carries many memories too but the trees and views were tremendous.

PS: We stayed at Malmstrom Air Force Base during our visit in Great Falls and the folks at the Malmstrom Inn were so helpful. If you are ever in the area you can make space A reservations at 1-406-727-8600. Glacier Park is about 4 hours north of the base and we stayed in Kalispell for a night to enjoy the park!byColonel KonMonday, January 14, 2008Military Life:,,,,

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