It’s Cold. I’ve been inside for a Month… It’s Soup time!

Winter seems to invite cooking in the kitchen! Ours is an open kitchen, room for several to peer into pots, bang some bowls around, gasp and cough and run when the burner sends smoke filling the house! And I watch the stove closely…
I have the best distractions available: a one year old, 2 two year olds, a 5 year old: all boys and a bunch of knee high dogs! Oh, wait… you will be a Grandma someday… but for now keep the clamor alive and well and living in your home.
Here is my favorite recipe for smashed tomato soup. Only perfected with 5 year old spirit!
1 large can of whole tomatoes dumped in a large pot and smashed, bashed and crashed with a potato masher by 5 year. Watch the triumph in the eyes when no whole tomatoes are left!
1 tiny palm sprinkling of kosher salt: larger grains – fun to see
7 freshly plucked parsley leaves – pulled apart by 2 year olds – they add such special flavor
1 chicken bullion cube. Be careful with this one… when thrown in during a testosterone rush tomato juice can travel 17 miles!
2 tablespoon of tomato paste. Perfect amount – as jobs can be equally distributed: adding and stirring.
1 scoop of leftover mashed potatoes.
Add water if necessary. We did not need to add water, as we used home canned tomatoes: another story all together!
Put the pot on low heat and allow to simmer for an hour.
Serve with grilled cheese sandwiches and Life is Good!
What do you do for winter inside breaks from reality? Children and energy go together… How do you channel this energy into good times, good laughs, good memories? Let us know some good cooking with the youngster recipes to share. We look forward to your comments: THANKS! byDeborahon
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