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This is VIGDIS!

It has been a busy week for me approving new Partners on and I enjoyed a very busy category which was Pet Sitters and Kennels. One person had seen ads and spread the word throughout her Pet Sitting association about us and I have not stopped putting their ads on the site all week! This is a real plus for you our military community because who has not had a last minute trip and needed someone to watch a favorite pet! We now have many on the site for your use and they offer a great MilitaryReward! ­čÖé

Right now our puppy (almost 16 years old but still a puppy in our hearts) is starting to slow down a bit and needs a bit of aspirin to help the old arthritis occasionally. Vigdis has lived in six locations and endured many military family hardships such as riding in a plane’s cargo compartment from Cleveland to Seattle and returning two years later. She has a heart of gold and a lot of spirit and has been an important part of the family for so long it is hard to see her getting older. It tugs at the old heart strings to realize that she is almost completely deaf and blind but still loves a friendly scratch or hug! Now she has 6 acres of woods to roam and loves the game of chase the squirrel!

Vigdis joined the family while we were in Virginia and we had just returned from Iceland and we came up with an Icelandic name for our newest member (I am sure the President of Iceland at the time didn’t mind sharing!).

Since then all the family have given their pets Icelandic names including Keflavik (Kefla), Reykjavik (Reyk), Valla, and Grindavik (Grinda). You should see some of the reactions we get while introducing them. This tradition did not include the grandchildren. Although we would have enjoyed that too but somehow the newer members of the family who had not lived in Iceland did not go along with that idea!

How did you name your pet? How many moves have they had and what did you do to make it easier for them? Share some of your ideas with our readers so they can better take care of their friends too!

Are you looking for an area Pet Sitting Service or Kennel ? Find your installation on & then click on Pet Care on the left. There you will find military-friendly Pet Sitting/Kennels in your area. If you know of an area military-friendly Pet Sitter or Kennel please let them know about us. A military-discount or -incentive equals free advertising on

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