Some time with the ladies

Yesterday was my weekly ladies-group.

What a process to get out of the door!
Potty check, winter coats & hats, “Mom, I’m thirsty”, “Mom, I’m hungry”, in the car seats, “But, Mom, I wanted to sit in the other seat”, seat-belts, “Mom, can I bring a toy?”, where are my car keys?

We drive down the road a little bit and get to our final destination, this particular trip the back-seat was fairly quiet. Sometimes things like: ‘Hands to yourself’, ‘Share’, ‘No Arguing’, ‘Inside voices’, ‘QUIET’ are uttered out of my mouth every half-mile.

Out the car we shuffle: ‘Hold hands in the parking lot’, followed by much chasing of my adventurous two-year old; once we hit the sidewalk there is usually a race to see who can get to the door first. Inevitably one boy’s feet are too big for his body & he trips; “Up-see-daises” with the brushing off of hands and maybe a tear or two (although they are usually much tougher then I would be). In we go and of course their child-care rooms are on opposite sides of the building. One boy signed in, one boy to go. I’ve given hugs, kisses and “See you in a little bit”. AHHH and then… they are both signed in.

Now it’s a simple walk down the hall to my meeting. As I walk I wonder if all the effort just to get out the door and reach my final destination is worth it. In the silence of my steps down the corridor peace settles down deep into my bones and my soul.

I grab my cup of coffee, say my hellos, and finally sit down amongst friends (who were in fact once strangers); I realize that,
Yes! this is most definitely worth it.
Is it such an effort to get to your OSC, ESC, PWOTC, FRG meetings? Is it worth it? What would you say to your fellow military wife struggling to get out of the house but so needs the fellowship of other wives? We can’t wait to hear from you.byLeanneon
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