Squeals of joy & hugs and kisses

It is a beautiful thing when Grandma shows up at my door. Grandma in this instance is actually my mother-in-law. She watches my two younger boys regularly. Not only do we have our ‘regular’ babysitting days, she is on a moment’s notice call & will be here within 30 minutes on days that I feel I might pull my hair out. (After all isn’t it the mother that understands why some spiders eat their young?)

The boys squeal with joy & run with rapid feet to give her hugs, kisses and tell her all about what is going in their lives (a lot can happen in the life of a 2- and 5-year older over the course of a few days). She stands in the doorway with open arms as I peel the boys off of her to get shoes & coats on. Then in a beautiful fashion she whisks them away in her car & says, “We’ll be home after dinner.”

Sigh… and then there is an overwhelming quiet in my home. I can get laundry done or just sit and read a magazine. I can blast the music or watch TLC. I can go shopping or read a book. The choices are vast!

But you know what the best part is? That evening when the boys return home, they squeal with joy & run with rapid feet to give ME hugs, kisses & to tell me all about their day. What a wonderful gift she has given me!

What do you do for time off so you can have some “me-time”? Do you use the CDC, a neighborhood babysitting-group? Find a way to make time for just yourself! Your children will thank-you in the long run. I know I have it lucky with family so close. I often wonder how my own mom did it, living on the west-coast when her & my dad’s family lived on the east-coast & Midwest. I have many early memories of the CDC at different bases across the country & I’m sure I gave my mom those same squeals of joy & kisses and hugs when she was done with her ‘me-time’.

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