The Jail Bird Puppy

Vacuuming the carpet is not my favorite past time. Remembering the color of the recliner was never an issue. Enter our new puppy: Grinda, a sweet cuddly Corgi. (Disclaimer – our dogs are always puppies as long as they chew on ropes, jump at a squirrel, and bark at the TV.)

I am a large dog lover – oh how I loved our afghan hound! What we have now is a ‘low rider’ dog. She is a hoot and about as far from Afghan roots as can be. Her ears are really longer than her legs – and the vet said that makes her a classy lady. Or she was until she was spayed last week. She is a rescued dog. And she exudes love, and appreciation – I am certain. She also exudes 17 pounds of hair a day. That might be a bit of an exaggeration, as she only weighs 22 pounds, but the white fur is everywhere. It is especially evident on black slacks or dark sweaters. I feel she looks at it with pride – she just wants to fill our world.

I was unsure how I felt about her until she was missing 2 weeks ago. It was cold, and the weather was rotten. She wanted out. We live on some acreage – out in the country, so dogs can roam a bit. Out she went. When ten minutes passed, and no Grinda, Dale and I went looking, calling, whistling and panicking. Yes, we did love her.. YES we wanted her at our feet NOW so we could yell at her. Ha ha… Funny how the mind works.

After 3 hours, we knew something was wrong. We got in the car and visited the neighbors. Nope. No sign of our Corgi anywhere.

Then, I called the pound: dog jail. Yes, they had just picked up a corgi – what were the odds?
Let me tell you, it is the saddest thing to see your dog in one of those cages. Her collar was off, and there she laid – totally distraught on the cement ground.

We paid the $52 get out of jail fee.

Zoomed her in be spayed the next week.
I love life’s lessons… Dale could run an Air Force Wing, but a Corgi… not yet!

Some times I wonder who is the pet owner… and who is the pet. I believe Grinda is training us to meet her expectations. We are working hard!
Do you have a pet? What type of research did you go through before picking your new family member?
What are the traits of your type of dog/cat/bird? I know that Corgis certainly have traits that bred into the core of their personality.byDeborahonSunday, January 13, 2008Military Life:,

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