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Lately I have been just baffled (for lack of a stronger word) by the community of Berkeley. I’m sure everyone has seen the press they have received and the treatment that the Marines in the area have received. It just makes me sick!

But I am so very thankful that they are an anomaly. Why do the people of Berkeley & their government get so much press-time over this? Because, thankfully, there are so few other communities that would stoop to a level lower then dirt.

How do we know so many communities truly care? Everyday we get businesses wanting to be a part of We screen all of the businesses that want to post their ad & military discount on We read each one and decide is this just a marketing ploy or is this really something our military families can use? Many get disapproved, followed by a friendly email that says in not so many words, “Thanks, but No Thanks”. Many get approved, every day! Your community cares. They want to say “Thank You for your Service!”

Yet, there is more to just the military discount. There is the support, the quest for information as we settle into a new community. CBC Home Inspections around Scott AFB, Illinois is a recent example. Not only does he provide information about home inspections on his site but he has an area specifically devoted to our Military Families. He didn’t need to do that, but he wanted to do that. He wanted to show military families that he supports them. Check out his military information at:

Other area businesses should consider what you can do for our military families using what space you have on the web. We have a page on that can help you get thinking about it:

Military Families: What else would you like to see that would help you as you get to know your new community? Let us know! We pass along useful information to our Partners so that they can better serve you. They don’t always know how to reach out, but you can help them help you.byLeanneonWednesday, February 20, 2008Military Life:,,

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