It is wonderful to be able to say “Thank You”

Ohio got walloped this weekend. The snow started on Friday morning and didn’t let up until Saturday night. There were moments when I could not see across the street & it brought back fond (or maybe not-so-fond) memories of our time at Keflavik NAS, Iceland as most of the snow fell ‘sideways’. I would have loved this storm if it was January, but snow storms that hit us in March just try my patience.

What I least looked forward to as I watched the weather forecast was keeping the driveway shoveled. That is Paul’s job when he is home. I do love getting outside & I am no weakling. I have actually become much stronger after having kids. It is quite a workout to keep up with them! But every time I shovel I am sore for the next two days. I work very carefully to not strain my back but usually the pain is in my shoulders. So as the weather-man kept repeating the forecast on Thursday night all I could do was groan with pain at even the thought of what was to come.

The sound of snow-blowers is common place in our neighborhood but the sound of a snow-blower on Friday evening sounded really close. As I peered out my window, there was my neighbor pushing the snow off my driveway… in the cold, windy, and darkness of a snow-storm. My driveway was plowed at least three more times (that I know of) over the course of the next 36 hours. It was as if the neighbors took turns taking care of the soldier’s wife.

My heart was warmed with their support. I wracked by brain with some way to let them know how much I appreciated it. The best think I could think of was to send over some warm-cookies and a quick note.

On a sunny, but cold, Sunday I got to work on my “Thank You”. I had some left-over “take-out food” boxes from a craft that held about a dozen cookies perfectly. I cut a note out of construction paper and found my boy’s markers. Then I sent my five year-older to deliver the “Goods”. In total it took an hour out of my day. But I would have never been able to keep up with the driveway on my own. (In fact, I’d probably still be out there shovelling on this Sunday night.)

What are other ways that you have given a simple “Thank You”? I know there will be other opportunities over the course of Paul’s deployment and I’m sure other wives are searching for the same thing. If you have given or received a “Thank You” that you won’t soon forget let me know!

Isn’t it great to have opportunities to say “Thank You”. It might mean some hardship along the way. But in the end it means you have found support!

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