Taking time to be a kid

March comes in like a lion proved to be true after last night’s ice-storm, followed by snow-storm here in the great Midwest. This afternoon my boys and I bundled up and headed out side for a bit of fresh air. Plus, I needed to get the driveway shoveled in case I actually needed to get some where today – doubtful, but you never know.

I started piling the snow into a big pile in the corner of the driveway. I figured a pile would be a good diversion for the kids. As my 5-year old spotted this new adventure sprouting up in the yard the first words out of his mouth were, “Dad makes the best snow forts.” Sigh, I know he misses his Dad. I’ll be the first to admit that of anyone in this house he DOES make the best because quite frankly I don’t get that excited about the prospect of making snow forts and snow tunnels. But at the same time those words kind of hurt. What was I? A stick in the mud?

I kept shovelling and thinking about his words. We had been out there for about an hour and I was half way done. As I put another shovel full on top of Mount Kocsis I remembered some of the best snow igloos ever-made when I was a child. Why should my own children miss out on the fun just so that I could finish the drive-way?

So any visitors this afternoon will see a half-shoveled driveway. With much glee in his eyes and the rosy chokes of winter my five-year old & I decided on a snow-tunnel. He started digging on one side of Mount Kocsis and I on the other. We met in the middle — or more like I dug through over to his side. When he could fit all the way through we headed in for some hot chocolate. The best part? “Mom, this is the best snow-tunnel EVER.” Ok, so I can’t replace Paul. I can’t be his dad. But I can be the best Mom possible. Taking a break from the every day necessities is good for the soul.

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