April is Month of the Military Child

April is a big month for military families as we recognize the younger part of the family teams that serve their country! Month of the Military Child is celebrated in many ways and you can find events occurring throughout the month at nearby installations!

Military kids face many challenges and hurdles as they relocate with their families. From long separations with a deployed parent(s) to an extensive list of schools attended; friends made and then goodbyes spoken (too often for most parents). How many times did we recognize that the friends knew we were leaving as they slowly withdrew from our kids to protect themselves from the pain?

But the challenges also bring fun multiplied again and again with new areas seen, lived in and explored! How many American families can say they have been “spranging” in Iceland! Spranging is a unique way to collect eggs from the numerous sea bird nests on the coasts of Iceland. They hang a rope over a cliff and swing down into the bird nests to collect breakfast. Now picture a few 1,000+ foot high cliffs and realize that the kids needed a bit of training before going over the side! We found one such training area/playground on Vestmannaeyjar Island during a getaway weekend. There were ropes secured to a small cliff and one of our kids proved especially adaptable at swinging from cliff to cliff and going higher and higher. There are still some family moments of glee watching a video as dad tries to “help” one get under control and only makes it worse. All had fun and we learned a new fact about our host’s history and culture and a new word too!

When we developed MilitaryAvenue and its early versions we relied on our “milbrats” to take the lead and they continue to provide new and innovative inputs to help those who now serve or served like they did!  As an example, visit MilitaryAvenue Answers … Military Families helping Military Families!

I hope all of our military children get some special thanks this month and if you know one thank them and tell them how special they are! They all need to hear that–and often!

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