A is for April… every Military Child gets an A too!

April is just jammed packed with action. It is after all the month of the Military Child: right there my mind is racing through pictures of friends, their babies, my babies… and my babies’ babies. Whoa… better stop.

April comes in like a lion… and out like a lamb. April Fools. April showers bring May flowers.

They all relate to those military children: Hear the roar of their excitement, patriotism, experience and networking friends. See the shy sheepish look as they once again enter a new school building. But don’t forget the warmth of their smiles!

Catch that glimpse of a sparkle in their eye when they realize the new PCS isn’t a joke… no fooling. However moving to Florida means swimming in the Gulf of New Mexico on Christmas Day which isn’t a bad idea either.

Now come the flowers: and the truth that blooming where you are planted is the best advice to grow and gain confidence. Want to help your military child? Explore avenues of interest that challenge, support and create interest. A fertile mind is an active one.

Talk with your children about the highlights of the move before it arrives. Spring has so many metaphors that apply to life. Talk to your children about the loss of a friend who is moving away. Help them get out of the house, into school programs, sport programs, church programs… the list is like a seed catalog! Help your children, and you are helping yourself and all of us! As your military children are fantastic and our future. Thank you!byDeborahonWednesday, April 02, 2008Military Life:,

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