S’more Simple Pleasures

Give a 5 year old, or a 50 year old a stick, a place in front of an outdoor fireplace, unlimited marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. Ahhhhhhh life, it is good!

We live in the country. We clear land, burn wood, cut thin branches and eat s’mores!

My daughter lives in suburbia. They buy wood, fire up the deck fire pit, and use coat hangers for the ‘roasting’, and eat s’mores.

Simple pleasures. Life long memories. Instant road back to childhood. Instant road to ‘maturity’ – holding something so close to the fire. (With permission!) One roasted marshmallow can cover a square foot of skin in less than it takes to roast another, but that is why we lick fingers, right?

Chocolate was invented for this delight I believe. It melts with the ‘mallow’ and glues to the graham cracker, then compliments each part to perfection.

Yes, I love simple pleasures, childhood memories, and children!

Summer is coming.

I know, Spring has not dug in completely. But summer is coming! Out of door time, sunshine, rain showers, newly moved grass, puddles and fire pit fires! I can only imagine that marshmallow companies hibernate for the winter… ready to start popping those white squares into bags come April. Graham cracker factories are up for the new season.

It is time.

Think about it… where was the last place that you had a s’more? Where was the best place? Such a difficult recipe! Ha ha. Do you have a favorite campground? Tell us. Send us a a picture, I bet there are smiles with those s’mores!byDeborahonMonday, April 28, 2008Military Life:,,,,

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