Spring is Here and What are those Trees?

We moved so many times and to so many different climates from tropical; to near Arctic; to desert SW; coastal Carolina and Pacific NW. We appreciated learning new plants and trees and really enjoyed relaxing in our new garden once we got into the house. I think one of our best stress relievers was walking outside during the moving in process and taking a look around and dreaming/planning what we could do with our yard and the landscaping.

Fast forward to our retirement home and walking around deciding what trees and plants can go where! So much fun and maybe we could see them in 5 years! Then we pulled out a tree catalog and said maybe we should plant some of these here and there! What fun! One of the trees we picked was the beautiful Redbud which would grow in the climate of our new Midwestern home. We decided to purchase them in the spring with several others and then walked our yard during our October move in to decide where to put them! Imagine our surprise the next spring when we realized that our yard and woods were full of Redbuds and we would not need to purchase them! What a blaze of purple they provide in late April and how we look forward to seeing them! And as a side note who ever named them “Redbuds” since they are definitely not red??

As a military family we experience so many different areas of the world and we get to learn something every move about our new environment! Why not plant a new tree in your yard as something to leave for the next family and to provide a bit of support to our environment! We all need the trees and certainly they support the local bird habitat and keep our air cleaner! If you have young family members; let them help you during this Month of the Military Child and they will have a memory of digging in the dirt and making their earth a better place!byColonel KonTuesday, April 08, 2008Military Life:,,,,,

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