Top Ten DAK values: a True Military Man

Seasonal changes help me value my source of year long strength!

My husband is a leader, listener and life partner: full of love and laughter.

I have listed Dave Letterman style, top ten attributes of Dale. I know it is a personal blog entry… but I know it is a good thing to share personal pride and bits of his personality. It is fun to write him up this way!

10. Love of music: loud and all types

9. Fearlessness in communication

**Open home: studies, youth groups, work parties

**Open Mind: listen, value, accept or reject ideas.

8. Change is good. Experience is Better.

7. Strength can be SHOUTED in quiet confident steps

6. Look to the future, not the immediate, but a few steps ahead of that, so you can be organized and ready to move upward and onward. Don’t step on anyone on the way up either.

5. Look for strengths in others – recognize them and help them grow,

4. Education never stops.

3. Integrity: your word is your honor, and respect others who expect those words to be honored. Even when they don’t return the value.

2. Love of God, Family, and Country are values that are respectable

1. Family is beyond a doubt a gift from God and should therefore be regarded as important and trustworthy.

It is really interesting to list your spouses attributes. Give it a try. I recognize the military training that is so very instilled in him. What would you put down for your spouse?

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