Small Group: The Joys of Entertaining

Wednesday was small group at my house. I am enjoying the company of our weekly small-group from church. We are a range of ages. Hubby and I happen to be the youngest at 34. The oldest couple’s child just left for college this fall & they are empty nesters. One member of our group is single and another member’s husband has dart-league the same night we meet. Soon Hubby will be gone and that will just add to the dynamic, me being the temporary single-mom. So we are a group of 14 of all different backgrounds and I love it.

The month of April “Small Group” has been at our house. Once a week at around 4pm I go into a frantic frizzy of cleaning. You would think that I would be able to keep an ‘unused’ room (our living & dining room) clean from week to week … but I picture a ‘Toy Story’ type of scene every night around midnight. The toys, dust, dirt, Hubby’s army gear all crawl into the Living Room and have a giant party. I don’t know if they can’t just find their way back to where they came from come dawn but once a week I have to round everything up, dust & vacuum my ‘unused Living Room’.

On top of the cleaning the ‘host’ usually provides some light food. A few folks come right from work so they haven’t eaten dinner (which would actually include me since I go right from working to cleaning) so the idea is to have something a little substantial that isn’t too much work. (I’m all about that ‘not too much work’ part.) This week I made ‘Artichoke Dip’ with crackers … made is kind of ‘relative’ since all I had to do was chop chop chop (in my food processor) & then dump in a casserole dish. Hubby was put in charge of the meatballs which he cooked in the slow-cooker. He didn’t even have to chop – just dump.

It was a wonderful night full of deep (& not so deep) discussion. Hubby always impresses me with his breadth of knowledge. I know I’ll miss that when he is gone… sigh… there will be so much I miss.

By the way… I haven’t given up on the couches yet … but Small Group doesn’t seem to mind a bit having to sit on our hand-me down couches, it is better then the floor, right?!

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