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Oh how I love a good book. I am especially into the non-fiction type, self-help or motivational type. Right now I am reading “Chicken Soup for the Military Wife’s Soul“. A dear friend, and fellow military-spouse bought it for me just before my hubby left. She inscribed some heart-felt words on the inside and now I will treasure it forever. The book has made me cry, laugh, step-back in time and look forward to the future all within just a few short pages. I pick it up when-ever I just need a short breather.

When we are ‘preparing’ for something: a move, a wedding, a baby we can of course find a fathom of information on the web. Isn’t it sometimes just nice though to put down the computer and curl up with a good book?! I scoured the web this week for just a sampling of some of the good informational and motivational books out there. I am determined to find more, create more lists but for now I will give you what I have found.

Do you have any book recommendations? Please! let me know. Either leave a comment or send a note to I love having other folks input!

By the way, I gave Deborah ‘the book bug’ too. She is compiling her own favorite book list. I’ll be sure to let her announce it when she is done 🙂

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