Cancer… Ouch

Why are some words just so much scarier than others? Cancer certainly is. I remember when my surgeon called early one Saturday morning. I had seen him in his office just the day before, he performed a biopsy. A gazillion people have them done. We chatted, and he said he was leaving on a long awaited vacation that night. So when the phone rang Saturday, and I heard his voice, I honestly could not figure out why he was calling… and would not process what he was saying. He would not hang up the phone until I repeated his message to me as I stood by the phone swirling in a world of mixed words and zero comprehension. Malignant.

No. Not me… bad things happen to other people! Right?

Well, when handed lemons make the lemonade: good and strong.

Or in my case have a spouse who is beyond good and more than strong! So, Dale’s that sweet stuff that takes a lemon into lemonade, and therefore palatable! We have traveled down this cancer road for over 2 years now. We listen, we talk and we laugh. Life is good even when scary words hit ya and hurt!

Do you know of someone who is recently facing an illness or stress that is beyond their strength? Know that your smiles, your wisdom, your touch and presence will mean the difference between depression and physically rising above that stressor. Be there.byDeborahonFriday, May 30, 2008Military Life:,,,

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