It Was a Great Day to Fly

This picture may not look like I am flying but I think deep down in my brain I thought I was! Its kind of hard to not think about flying after being in the cockpit for 25 of my 30 years on active duty.

I was blessed with many great opportunities to learn new aircraft, visit new places and fly with the best crews and personnel in the aviation business! They were great! I flew helicopters (UH-1N) first; went to fixed wing (T-38 instructor); back to helos (UH-1H and N; HH-3 and HH-60) and ended my career flying C-141s and C-17s. I have seen sunrises from 35,000 feet, sunsets over Hawaii, the mountains of Alaska, the dark of an Arctic winter night from 100 feet above a glacier with night vision goggles, the smile of a new pilot after soloing and then graduating with their wings, the TV footage of a rescue mission with lives saved and many other wonderful events!

I knew it was almost to the end when the passports of my fellow crewmembers had birth dates well after my college graduation day and I spoke like a “dad” with them. They respected me for my experience and not so much for the “great hands” of a skilled pilot although I did occasionally surprise them with those too! We all have skills that we enjoy using and I was fortunate to have found a career that matched!

I hope you are using your “best skills” in some endeavor that makes you feel good! I hope you feel that is worthwhile and improves your life, family and community! It sure is a satisfying way to enjoy life!byColonel KonFriday, May 30, 2008Military Life:,,,,,

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