MayDay: a Kid’s Holiday That Might Not Be On The Calendar

May Day in our household was not a radio cry for help, or a Russian march on Red Square. We didn’t set up the May poles, or sing the song from Broadway’s “King Arthur” -The Lusty Month of May.
However, we did haul out the colored paper, scissors and tape.

It is May first: May Day. It is time to acknowledge that without a doubt Spring has been here for just a bit, flowers are here, and summer vacation is almost here. It is time to be a bit restless, time to stay out of doors a bit longer and time to have a bit of chocolate captured in a homemade May Basket! Oh yes!

I remember our first May Day basket building time… a 2nd grader, kindergartener and preschooler each worked on their master piece, then I filled each with chocolate covered caramels. But… they couldn’t have them just yet.

Outside we went. They lined up with their backs toward me, as I placed one of the baskets behind one of them. Ah, it’s May! The object of this holiday was to catch and tag the person who placed the basket behind you, then give them a kiss! The reward – the basket of candy. When I put the basket down behind one of them, I tapped on their shoulder. The chase was on. Upon tagging me and giving me that kiss, the chaser could have the sweets. Then, the chaser became the basket placer – and they had to run until they got tagged and kissed, and on until the last child had a turn. I got the squeals of laughter, the kiss and the memories!

We did this from Texas to Iceland (high school graduation). Each child invited friends to join in on the goofiness of it all. Fun!

We made our baskets from woven colored paper 3/4 inch strips. The easiest way was to make it into a placemat, roll it into a cone shape and load on the tape. They were the kid’s creations and only needed to last a short time.

Every May Day I still smell the chocolate, I look back at pictures and see the smiles, I talk to the kids and hear their thanks for times spent together. Making memories and tagging them to days on the calendar help create cohesiveness that Military Brats need. The family is their support structure. What are some unique celebrations that your family holds dear? Do you remember some from your childhood that you need to pass on to your children? Share them with us! We just might want to start these in our family too! Thanks in advance!byDeborahonThursday, May 01, 2008Military Life:,,,,,

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