Mother’s Day at is a website for the military community and military families and this Sunday is Mother’s Day! It is certainly a great opportunity to recognize our military moms and the important role they play in our country’s security!

Our family was not a unique family in that we frequently relied on mom (and spouse) to play multiple roles in a frequently crazy lifestyle that demanded she be teacher, coach, driver, household goods mover, cleaning person for a government house we were leaving during a PCS, nurse, dad during my frequent and long absences and the job description goes on and on! Her resume is impossible for most to match!

From a husband’s perspective I could not have asked for a person to be a better mom for our children! Deb provided the best for them and insured they were loved, cared for and she helped prepare them for the adult world they would enter! Quite a chore in this day and age and so many military mom’s do it successfully even with the tough challenges of the military lifestyle!

One of the best attributes this family’s mom had was that she did things with a smile and stayed positive under the worst circumstances! The only time I remember her not being able to smile was after jaw surgery with her jaw wired closed. She had an infant, a 2 year old and a 4 year old and had major surgery and kept on moving ahead! Wow! I would have sat in bed and asked her to bring me breakfast, lunch and dinner (all pureed of course as she ate with a straw for 6 weeks) but she went back to her normal schedule as soon as she got home!

We are celebrating Deborah’s 34th Mother’s Day this Sunday with a family gathering and we have certainly been blessed. Enjoy your Mother’s Day and celebrate it with a joy and passion for those who work so hard for our families and our country!byColonel KonTuesday, May 06, 2008Military Life:,,,

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