My Mom on Mother’s Day

I stepped out early this morning to take in a breath of fresh air with my coffee! It was a brisk 35 degrees at 0630 and I was glad I could return to the house after taking in the early morning sunrise. I had a flashback moment though looking down on the flower bed when I saw “my mom’s trilliums”!

Trilliums are a wild flower with white flowers and long stems (an important factor for later discussion) and they always come up in the Midwest woods just before Mother’s Day which is another critical piece of this story. Before military life and its many relocations worldwide the arrival of the trillium in my parents’ woods was fair warning that Mother’s Day was on the horizon! Our woods was loaded with thousands of them! My siblings and I would gather handfuls of these beautiful flowers for HER special day! We didn’t have malls or money to do much shopping but we loved that smile on her face with the trillium in her hand and later in a vase.

We lost our mom at a very early age to breast cancer and so the trillium I saw this morning reminded once again that Mother’s Day is Sunday and how much she loved the flowers from her young children. Have a great Mother’s Day and if you can’t touch her give her a call or pull up a fun memory of mom!

Information Note: As an adult I learned that Trillium are protected in some states as picking the flower can damage the plant. byColonel KonFriday, May 09, 2008Military Life:,,,,

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