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I am scatter brained. I’m not sure if this a product of being a mom or just a matter of being who I am. I’ll start doing one thing, remember something else I was supposed to finish and move on to that, leaving a trail of unfinished business behind me. Sometimes it is the kids that call me away, sometimes I just plain forget what I was doing!

Today I was working on writing an article for our Partners when I surfed onto Stars and Stripes (which really had nothing to do with my article, its that scatter-brained piece of me). They are publishing Father’s Day messages in their overseas publication and on-line. The deadline to have it submitted for the print editions is June 2nd at 8AM. I think you can still submit one after June 2nd but it won’t be published in print. Your favorite dads will still be able to read it online at

I had the perfect picture to share of our three sons (taken last week) and I wrote a quick message for hubby. It took me maybe 3 minutes but I got it done! Phew! (How rare is that I can say ‘I finished something’!)

So calling all moms and military-brats of deployed dads. Put down what you are doing and go to: and send your dad a Father’s Day message. I am sure it will make his day!

– Leanne from

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