Birthday Party: Time to Cheer Another Year!

Our summer is filled with the joy of family. Celebrating family milestones, (birthdays) achievements ( graduation and confirmation), courage (saying goodbye to hubby as he deploys), honor (deploying to the sandbox) and tenacity (newspaper reviews) hold us together and keep us leaning on each other.

Some activities are so big… envolve so much effort and require such strength. Then, the calendar comes to play. A birthday party! A party for the sake of one person, but a time of pure joy. A time to celebrate that person, think about the effect he or she has on our lives. This is really an excellent adventure!

Tomorrow is grandson Jacob’s birthday party. Aunt Leanne is traveling in from Ohio… via Atlanta, and Chicago – long story. I think that is where I got the word tenacity and courage! I am also certain a blog is coming on this one! Uncle Dan and Aunt Becky are traveling back from Montana; tangible meaning to ‘milestones’ as they are driving 30 hours to get home.

The birth of a child adds strength to the family. It assures that the past will not be forgotten, stories will be handed down to another generation. Family values with hold the child and be taught and act as a safety net when questions arise. Conversations will bring tales of the acts of the forefathers to life. And in our family, some of them are just too humorous to let slide!

So, tomorrow morning balloons will be blown, cupcakes baked and iced, games planned and prizes ready… the cousins know the meaning of par-teee. Jacob will be clueless that this is just not another ordinary day. However, the rest of the family have called this his day. I hope you celebrate family and recognize the lasting value of doing so!byDeborahonSunday, June 29, 2008Military Life:,,,,

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