Memories of a Wonderful Mom and Grandma

We have a daily flip calendar and we have written events on it as we traveled the world with new assignments, special trips, vacations, a flying mission to a far away place, change of commands, etc. It brings back so many memories of wonderful times and in some cases tough times too! This morning the calendar reminded us of the death of a dear mother and grandmother three years ago!

You are sorely missed Mom! Everytime we plan a family get together, have a reminder of a previous fun event or add another baby to the family tree we wish you could be there to enjoy it! In the past when we were a long ways away, you always found a way to get to where we were!

How about the time I was TDY and a new baby arrived and you wanted to be there to help and a couple of airlines went on strike! Being cancelled was not an option and you got there across an entire continent! Trips to Iceland and Panama were part of your experiences too and your daughter was thrilled to see you and show you “our place” in these far off locales! Of course we still laugh at your impression of base housing at our first installation when our roof blew off during a wind storm originating out of Death Valley!

Your pride at grandchildren events such as graduations and weddings was so evident. A few pictures of you dancing the night away are an example we must uphold during the next generation of weddings! What fun you had enjoying life! We loved you so much!

We were so blessed to have you in our lives! I always thanked you for raising a wonderful daughter and the faith you taught her! The adventurous spirit was kind of a nice add on too! At no additional cost either! 🙂

We know you are enjoying a cup of coffee with another lady you never had the chance to meet here but can laugh with her about those crazy kids now! God Bless both of You!

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