The Weather in Baghdad and Kabul

I can be a Weather Channel junkie! We just had a wonderful rain shower and it made our spring flowers perk up big time as we had been dry for a bit! I was cheering for it so I wouldn’t have to drag garden hoses around tomorrow to get the vegetable garden some refreshment. While enjoying the cool breeze and listening to the rain fall I had a quick thought! What is the temperature in Baghdad right now? Hmm, according to a weather website it is 88 degrees and it is 11 PM and tomorrow’s forecast is for a high of 106!

Think of our comforts and ability to adjust the dial of our air conditioning, ceiling fan, opening the window to let in the cool breeze and other methods of cooling ourselves. Then I transition to our men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and think how hot the body armor is, the lack of a place to cool off and the overheated bodies and uniforms in need of a shower and cleaning. Then I jump to a Humvee filled with hot and stressed bodies and then to an aircraft maintenance crew on a concrete covered flightline which due to reflection can be 20 to 30 degrees hotter than the actual temperature with no shade.

Many Americans just have no way to put themselves in our guys and gals shoes. They are uncomfortable when not in a “controlled temperature environment”. Every time I see a “political” comment from a “star” I boil and think, “I wish they would have served and seen and felt the pride of serving this wonderful country”! Then I cheer for those who join our forces overseas with a USO tour. A big Hooah to them for providing a show and support to the service personnel!

My son in law is in a train up environment getting ready to head out to the desert and I am sure he will bring back some stories and certainly a different perspective on creature comforts. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers Paul as you prepare to depart and thank you so much for your service and willingness to protect all of us!byColonel KonTuesday, June 03, 2008Military Life:,,,,,,,

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