An Evening with Friends

I am very excited about my plans for the evening!

What my plans don’t include:

  • Figuring out a dinner that is both healthy and palatable to the world’s pickiest eater and his brother;
  • Pulling my cherubs in from outdoors at 9pm as they scream and cry, “10 MORE MINUTES, MOM!”;
  • Baths, Bedtime Books and Lullabies (although I cherish these moments I also recognize a break is a beautiful thing).

What my plans do include:

  • Laughter;
  • Adult Conversation;
  • Wine;
  • Story sharing and Memory Making.

Yes, tonight Grandma has the boys! I am headed out with some girlfriends to Joan’s house for the evening. Each of us is bringing something to eat & a bottle of wine. I don’t think we really need eight bottles of wine. But at least we will have choices! 🙂 I have made my famous “dipping sauce” with fresh herbs from the garden, olive oil, salt and a touch of lemon juice… and then the most important part a good-crusty baguette of bread.

The gals, including me, are all very different and yet we have a lot of similarities. I am the youngest at 34 and the oldest is probably early 50s. Most of us are moms, a couple are not. We are all married, but to men with very different personalities. We all love to hear each other’s stories of life; to work on understanding where other people come from with their different opinions; to ask for advice when we truly want it; and to find a shoulder to cry on when life is overwhelming. We all respect each other. That respect has led to wonderful friendship!

So tonight I will make a toast to friendship [and not having to get the boys into bed :)]

– Leanne from

PS I know that I am lucky that my mother-in-law lives as close as she does. As an Air Force Brat I never had the luxury of staying overnight at my own grandmother’s while my parents hit the town. If you want a night to yourself or with friends think about starting a Babysitting co-op in your neighborhood or circle of friends. Find other moms who are willing watch each others children when the need arises. Sometimes those can be over night visits, or other times when you just want 30 minutes to yourself.

Friendship doesn’t come easy, it takes work. But it is well worth the investment!byLeanneonTuesday, July 29, 2008Military Life:,

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