Soccer Camp

My five-year old had a good week. He thrives among friends. He thrives when there is activity. Sitting around for him is for the birds and tends to give him the blues. So my standard answer when people ask me, “How are you doing?” is tired. I’m tired because we are trying to stay busy during this deployment. It is easier for me to deal with being tired then it is to deal with my boys being mopey.

This week was Soccer Camp, our first ‘extra-curricular’ activity this summer. If Hubby was home I might not have paid the money for *E* to go, but doing something from 6pm to 8pm for four nights sounded like a good idea when I signed up last month. And it was. *E* played hard. He laughed; he ran around with friends; he enjoyed the camaraderie of coaches and players; he played in the dirt; he even did a little bit of gymnastics out in those soccer fields. He might have learned a little bit of soccer in between all the fun. He came home tired and really sweaty each night. But he was happy, very happy. [Therefore, momma is happy :)]

It worked out well for me too. I found someone to watch our three year-old each night during soccer-camp so that I could stay at the soccer fields under the premise of “watching *E*”. In all actuality I brought a book and a chair and shut the world out around me (well except for the occasional look up to watch *E* playing around in the dirt or giving a friend a high-five etc etc). I relaxed for two hours each evening! It was beautiful.

One night the boys got SOAKED. The heavens opened up and it poured. All of us moms, dads, grandparents and whomever else was hanging around were now hanging out under the picnic pavilion. We just stood there amazed as those kids played like crazy out in the rain, not even appearing to give it a second thought. Some moms contemplated pulling their boys out and bringing them home. Not this mom! I figured it would be a good “war-story”. He is a boy after all and he had energy to burn, rain or no rain. The rain did stop after about 15 minutes. So once again I pulled my chair and my book out and started to read. Ten minutes later what should appear but a beautiful rainbow. Just a glorious reminder of a promise for better days ahead. A promise that in everything, as tired as I may be and as much as I miss Hubby, there is a silver lining!

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