We Have Established Communication

Hubby is finally at his final destination. After months of training and then integration they finally set up ‘camp’ for their remaining months while overseas this week. I am happy for him as I know he hasn’t exactly enjoyed all of the, what he feels as, unnecessary training. I think now they will settle into routine and we can pray the rest of our deployment time will fly.

The best part of his settling down for the long-haul for us though is he finally has his own Internet access in his room, albeit it a bit archaic. It is so much better then relying on quick phone calls. Up until now we have basically relied on calling-cards for communication. We haven’t had to buy any cards because they all came from the generous people & companies around his armory before he left. Now though for two days in a row I have chatted with him on instant-messenger AND best of all I have seen his wonderful face via our web-cams. Wow, he looks good; tired, but good. I think of how generations before us didn’t have access to the communication that we do and marvel at those women. Here I am feeling like “woe-is-me” that I rarely hear from him, up until now!

I watched my boys light-up the first time they came over to the computer and got to see Dad’s face yesterday. We could talk and have a near face-to-face conversation. Our three-year older kept looking all around the computer like, hm I don’t get this. There is Dad, I hear his voice and he is talking to me… but I just don’t get it. Yet, he loved it. He needed it. We all needed it.

My boys weren’t around today when we chatted. Hubby said some things to me that my heart just longed to hear. He misses me, he really misses me. Deep down (really deep) I had this fear that he would get over there, get so involved in his work that we would fall to the recesses of his mind. I have no fears now. As we spoke he was so very loving and kind and just made me proud to be his wife. I thanked God for web-cams today! 🙂 Funny what little things in life can make it so much more enjoyable and, in fact, livable.

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