A Ball of Mixed Emotions

I am lost in thought this week as my sweet *E* is off to kindergarten the last week of August. I always thought I would be ready to kick him out the door but somehow the closer we get to *the big day* the more reflective, and a little sullen, I feel. He is my oldest; although my 14 year old step-son is our oldest. I feel like I am crossing into new territory as *E* crosses the bridge of preschool into public-school.

So as our summer vacation winds down on Monday & Tuesday we took a quick ‘road-trip’ out to my parents house. They live far enough away that we can stay over-night but not so far that we can’t just hop in the car and go. This trip I actually did something pretty smart. We had an earlier dinner on Sunday night, plopped the boys in pjs and hit the road. I pulled into my folks’ house a little after midnight but the boys slept for a good chunk of the trip. I did that coming home, too. I always like it when we have a good-experience in the road trip department, and boys sleeping equals peaceful trip… ahhhhh… We had a birthday celebration for my mom, hit the botanical gardens in Grand Rapids, and spent some time swimming and sunning at my brother’s pool. It was a jam packed fun-filled two days.

Today we hits the zoo. We are members so each visit is ‘free’, covered in our membership fees. But it makes it so easy to just go on a whim and not feel like we have to stay all day to get the biggest bang for our buck. We were there today from about 1pm until 3:30pm. Saw a few of our favorite exhibits and then a few that we don’t visit too often. It was a perfect afternoon!

Talk about a ball of mixed emotions. Maybe this is one reason I struggle with *E* heading off to school. I will miss the fun and spontaneity of summer. Yet, I do look forward to the routine of autumn. Our oldest starts high-school, middle starts kindergarten and youngest starts preschool. What a crazy, amazing year we have ahead of us!

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