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Our tech team has been hard at work the past few months on creating the ability to have ‘user accounts’ on All of their hard work has come to fruition and you can now create your own account on MilitaryAvenue.

You can select your home installation when creating your user account which will lend to easy navigation each time you stop by MilitaryAvenue. You can also very easily sign up for our monthly “Family Military Newsletter”.

The very best part, in my humble opinion, will be the production of our MilitaryAvenue Alerts. When we have a new selection of “ Partners” for your installation we will let you know! This will be a very simple way for you to keep up to date about your surrounding community and those businesses that go out of their way to support the Military members and their families.

Why set up an Account?

  • Get the latest military rewards in your area sent directly to your inbox.
  • Receive MilitaryAvenue’s monthly military lifestyle newsletter.
  • Be a part of the MilitaryAvenue Community and the many new features just around the corner!

These accounts are not for spam! We are not going to inundate your email box with daily or weekly emails. If it gets overwhelming, for any reason, you can easily unsubscribe. Nor are we going to give your email to any organizations what-so-ever! You entrust us with your information and we hold that trust dearly.

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