Contrary to Changing Life, OPSEC Requires a Firm Stand


OPSEC is an acronym that could be life changing. It is an acronym that in a perfect world would not ever be used. OPSEC (Operational Security) could mean “Our precious security is ever changing” as our world is ever growing. The safe world that was defined by a hometown has gone the way of the rotary phone… TV’s without remotes… Roadmaps instead of GPS… Encyclopedias instead of Google… a DVR instead of a VCR… IPOD instead of walkman CD player, YouTube instead of boredom!

So much that we take for granted, and isn’t life great because of that! But with the addition of ease, comes the responsibility of control.

Be on the defense for your family. You are the front line – the big hitter. You need to keep their identity, security, and vision in the forefront whenever you post information about yourself or them.

Life changes – a phrase that defines Military living: from PCS moves to schools, to employment. Skills are built, geography is learned and strength is required for all of it. Keep on the alert while exploring and settling into each area of your time on station.

Wishing you the best! Your Team

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