Feeling Thin

… ya it’s not what you are thinking. I’m feeling thin like a piece of toast with BARELY enough butter to make it palatable. Thin like scrape the jar of peanut butter and come out with barely a knife full for a PB&J sandwich. Thin like no matter how hard you try you just can’t get another drop of honey out of the honey jar. Thin like … I think you get the picture.

How do single-moms (or dads) do it?! Soccer has started with a bang and I have three boys playing this year, practices and games are weekly. (Daily practices actually for my high-schooler.) School starts in 8 days and there will be boys to be dropped off and picked up (one son can take the bus, one cannot as his school is about 30 minutes away from me). There are birthday parties to attend this week. MOPS steering meetings I look so forward to but take another chunk of time. I promised the boys we would go to the zoo one more time before school started. Plus there is the day to day stuff; like work, dinner preparations, laundry, yard-work, dusting (ha! I just had to throw that in there), and somewhere I do need *some time* for myself (a shower is a necessity once in awhile after all!).

So I’ve never felt spread this thin in my life. I know I will survive! It just makes me appreciate Hubby that much more I suppose [either that or curse his name for not being home ;)].

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