The Great Watercolor Fabric Swap

Love Quilting? Do you have enough fabric to cover the state of Texas? I am so afraid that I might fit into both of those… not that the first is a problem… but it brought on the second!
The best part of quilting is the creative energies that are generated – and the production of your own piece of art and comfort!
Here is a great way to get together with fellow quilters and share the lot: The Great Watercolor Fabric Swap. I love these quilts, as the use a variety of fabric (all 100% cotton).

When you buy watercolor fabrics, remember:
Easy to blend:
Irregular, organic
Medium sized motifs
Painterly designs
Loud fabrics
Busy Fabrics

Difficult to blend:
Tone on tone
Few Colors
Regular designs
Hard lines
Very large scale prints
Very small scale prints
Quiet fabric

Purchase your fabrics from a quality shop and buy quality fabrics
Buy 1/4 yard pieces, fat or skinny quarters
Buy 8 different fabrics… This will cost about $18
Cut eight 6″ squares from each fabric
Keep the remainder and cut into 2″ squares for your collection
Pack eight baggies with one of each fabric to trade

Have fun, laugh, take pictures and send them in! It is so much fun to see the products that you make!byDeborahonFriday, August 22, 2008Military Life:,,,

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