The Harvest

We have had a great summer and the harvest season is here! Our garden after a lot of work is producing and we have started freezing and canning almost every day. What fun it is to see the fruits of our labor! We started with an empty spot under our power lines a couple of years ago and just kept adding space (plus a fence to keep the deer out). Now the rotor tiller has to work extra hard and long in the spring to get us started!

The preparation and planting can be back breaking but healthy as we stretch out the muscles after a winter of cold. We had help from family and friends too (thank you Penny for watering and spraying while we were on vacation)!

But the season we love is here with fresh vegetables for our salads at lunch and dinner plates with green beans, carrots, broccoli and so much more. When we started getting more than we could eat or giveaway to family we started canning and freezing. We quickly filled our combination refrigerator and freezer! One day our neighbor who watches us work in our garden leaned over the fence and said he had a small freezer that was not being used in his garage and would we like it? The timing was perfect and we jumped on his kind offer.

In addition to our vegetable garden we also have a wild blackberry patch and the berries are ripe now too! Earlier this week I took out an eager berry picker who at age 5 bravely fought off the long thorns to collect berries for snacks and cereal! E was a real trooper and shows a lot of promise for being grandpa and grandma’s garden helper! I know he helps mom with their garden but it was fun to see his eagerness for the berry picking! His cousins, J and J are also quite the eager harvesters as they pull carrots to chomp on and berries are spread around their faces in the best possible ways! They comes from a long line of berry pickers so it must be in the genes! With E’s dad deployed it is great to have him and his brothers visiting and keeping in touch during what must be very confusing times for a young child. What great technology though as they share webcam images and voices which military families a few years ago did not have!

We eagerly await your return Paul–We have some vegetables we need to share with you!byColonel KonFriday, August 15, 2008Military Life:,,,,

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