Military Spouse Employment

A couple of nights ago Deb and I had a conversation about our favorite jobs during our 30+ years of marriage. She surprised me with a couple and of course I didn’t really surprise her as she knows me so well. But the conversation spurred some thoughts on military spouse jobs and how hard it can be sometimes to relocate and stay on a career track! Most of the time she took jobs well below her training and education level to help the family finances and keep her skills sharp. She also took jobs completely out of her career field when she had too. She volunteered many hours helping other military families as well.

I remember the disappointment we faced when our first assignment out of pilot training was changed from Andrews AFB in the Washington DC area to Indian Springs, Nevada (now Creech AFB). I had some pretty negative thoughts about the Air Force personnel system as I had competed for that assignment (based on how we had performed during training we received a list of assignments to choose from). Someone had taken it away! But the biggest factor was my wife’s job potential. I knew that I would enjoy the new flying assignment but her job potential just went down the tubes. She was a French and Secondary Education major and we had talked about the many opportunities for her in the DC area with foreign language skills. Now all we saw was 50 miles of desert from Las Vegas and no embassies, schools or airlines needing language skills!

Not too many solution for that problem (she elected to not commute 100 miles a day). But for many others we can now help! For the spouses and those retiring and leaving the service or even military brats looking for employment there are new tools on MilitaryAvenue.com!

With Career Builder now on MA as a national sponsor we have found a way to help our military family employment situation.
 Their Work for America program makes it easier to find and apply for federal employment and their Employment Center helps with jobs near your current installation or the next one! Think of the potential to find a job to apply for before you even arrive in town! These great tools will assist our military families with their employment needs!

Browse around the site for new features and look for banner ads on the site for both Work for America and the Employment Center! And best wishes in the job hunt!

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