MilitaryAvenue Partners--Why should you use them?

We have over 6,300 listings from MilitaryAvenue Partners who offer you, the military consumer, a discount or special service which we call a Military Reward! They vary from the Base Sponsorships belonging to larger companies to the free ads sponsored by businesses that just want to let you know about them and their services and products! We also have national corporate sponsorships and of course we love the mom and pop businesses (frequently owned by military families) that have built an ad.

Recently I wrote an article for this month's business newsletter about why you were important to them and how we were reaching out to you concerning their businesses. Here is what I said and I think you will find it interesting:

Col K’s Corner

"The summer of 2008 is almost over with Labor Day upon us and the Farmer’s Almanac is calling for a cold winter with above average snowfall for most of the US! I don’t think I am ready for that yet! At MilitaryAvenue we have been extremely busy as we continue to develop new and innovative ways to connect you, our partners with our military customers. As I like to say, MilitaryAvenue.com provides the STREET between the inside the gate community and Your outside the gate business!

We have started our “Alert” email system to allow the military families to receive email alerts from us announcing MilitaryRewards in their area and to bring your Reward to their attention! This system is directly linked with another innovation which allows the military community and others to sign up for a “User Account” which expedites their searches for services and products at their home installation. It brings them our newsletter as well which features our services and products and improves page views and more opportunities for you to be seen.

Also by using their User Account military personnel can report a great experience with your business by providing a rating on the site. Military personnel like to tell others about their great experiences with a military friendly business so look for these comments coming in your direction. Encourage military personnel who you have served well to make comments!

We are also in the middle of some new developments to keep us dynamic and user friendly coming in the fall! We will have a National MilitaryReward page on the site for companies with a national product and a military discount soon! Again, this is a new innovation to attract military personnel who will have more page views and the opportunity to see your ad! We continue efforts to expand our sponsor base with new programs as well. We are excited about these opportunities and our continued growth and what that means for you, Our MilitaryAvenue Partners!"

I encourage you to sign up for the alerts, provide comments on Partner ads that you have used and let them know you appreciate their efforts to share with the military community! They care about you and want your business. Now let them know you care too and appreciate their help.

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