School Lunch

Can I tell you how much I enjoy making school-lunch for my kindergartner? This is a phenomena to me! I hate cooking. I abhor baking. Lunch around here is usually pretty simple; chicken nuggets & fish sticks, cheese-sandwiches or quesodillas. We don’t deviate very much. So I am just amazed at how much I enjoy pulling out *E*’s lunch-box every night and finding good food to put in it for the next day.

So here has been our lunch menu so far:
Tuesday: Roast Beef Sandwich (cheese, tomato and onion too), Fruit Snacks, Go-gurt, and iced-tea;
Wednesday: Left-over Chicken Fingers from Olive Garden, a packet of ketchup, a couple slices of watermelon, and chocolate milk;
Thursday: Roast Beef Sandwich (cheese, tomato and onion too), a “100-Calorie pack” of a chocolate-cereal mix, Tortilla Chips and a tupperware bowl of Salsa, and iced-tea;
Friday: Jelly Sandwich, cut up cucumber (from our garden none-the-less), Fruit Rollup, drinkable yogurt, and iced-tea

It is also nice that I haven’t raised a picky-eater. Maybe I should rephrase… It is nice that *E* is not a picky eater because his younger brother takes the cake on being the picky-eater. But every day he comes home and tells me about his *great* lunch, as if I had nothing to do with it. It just warms my heart to know that in the middle of his busy kindergarten day he sits down and eats a meal that *I*, his lowly mother, put together.

Maybe in two weeks I’ll be sick of making lunches and will turn to purchasing Lunchables… but until then every night as I put together his lunch I think about him and this great big Kindergarten world he has entered.

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