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Reynolds & Reynolds went out of their way to support the troops at the start of this school year. Early in the summer they asked for school supply lists for all of Hubby's Brigade's children. Wow. So I did my best, after all all three of my children's schools were wrapping up the current school year, and not really thinking about next year yet. Basically, I found last year's school supply lists and forwarded it on to our Family Readiness Group leader.

This morning I drove out to the house of a fellow Army family. Her husband is with my husband and she had been kind enough to pick up my boys' school backpacks at our last FRG meeting, which I couldn't make. Again I say "Wow."

We aren't in financial dire-straits. We could have easily afforded school supplies, after all. But this year I didn't have to go school supply shopping. Can I tell you how good that feels?! So to Reynolds & Reynolds I send out a HUGE "Thank you!" As my preschooler was going through his bag, pulling item upon item out, he looks at me and says "It is like my birthday!" He was just tickled. [Albeit, he got as excited over the art shirt, as he did the box of Kleenex, as the crayons, as the folders and so much more :). He was just plain overjoyed!]

What a wonderful way to support the families of the troops!

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com


  1. What a great way to show support to a military family! The boys' smiles tell the story! Thank you Reynolds and Reynolds for sending the message that you care and appreciate the sacrifices that the military community and their families make to protect our freedoms!

  2. Nice post..! It's the middle of August and time to start thinking about back to school supplies.


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