Golf Anyone?

Recently I had the chance to go miniature golfing with a couple of very enthusiastic golfers! It was a beautiful day on the course with numerous interesting holes including dinosaur, cave, water and other hazards!

But the best part of the game was watching and playing with the younger guys who as the picture shows were running the holes!

I learned some new rules from these two which made play very interesting:

#1 Never let the ball stop enroute to the pin–it’s easier that way
#2 If that stick in your hand doesn’t work–just pick the ball up and throw it in!
#3 Play a hole twice while waiting for the “slow” group in front of you (see rule #1) and count the lowest score
#4 Let grandma keep score–I thought a math teacher at one point in her career could count but may be not!
#5 Have a great time despite the score or if you don’t even know the score!
#6 Make sure your brother understands he won–even if you wanted to!
#7 Enjoy dinner at the restaurant and be so worn out that the dinner requires a take home package because you fell asleep!

Yep, a wonderful time and one that just made it a little bit easier for a mom with a deployed spouse and needed someone to share the fun times!byColonel KonMonday, September 08, 2008Military Life:,,

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